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Apple Watch Series 3

Adding LTE capabilities will open Watch to a new kind of buyer and will likely super upgrades of current users who can see the value of being fully connected without an iPhone. Some users will value the convenience of their need to Watch without an iPhone, others will see value in staying in the moment, others will see it as freedom from another device. While specifics of battery life on LTE is not available yet, Apple is committing to 18 hours of mixed use. As more information about battery life while on LTE and carrier rates becomes available, users will be more comfortable purchasing, but I think it will be their first question.

With the new W2 wireless chip, Watch increases Wi-Fi performance and will not only speed up downloads but will also save on energy consumption, potentially to give those savings to make up for LTE. The new dual core processor will make Watch faster, more responsive and result in an improved experience, more important when not using an iPhone simultaneously. Apple also announced that it would start giving notifications for abnormally high heart rates and also with Stanford, created an opt in.

Apple also announced it would start giving notifications for abnormally high heart rates and also with Stanford, created an opt in program to analyze heart rates for irregular beats.  I believe this kind of arrhythmia detection capability is what wearables were always intended to do, and that is to detect maladies before they impact people. This is a great step in the industry.

Apple TV 4K

Apple was the last vendor to add 4K to their streamer and the company says it was waiting for the intersection of 4K, HDR10 and Dolby Vision content. This is fair, as the new Apple TV is the only streamer that will ship with this capability which supports both standards now. I believe this new Apple TV will result in the biggest Apple TV upgrade cycle the company has ever had as it removed the objection of not having 4K.

The device not only plays 4K content but will also upscale 1080P content to 4K. As a huge bonus, all “HD” content purchased on iTunes will be converted to the highest native resolution at no additional cost. Much of the newer content will be native 4K. The new A10X Fusion chip adds the same processor that is in the iPad Pro and will further extend capabilities for more advanced applications found in game consoles.

More live sports and news content represents the slow and methodical march for Apple TV to replace the set top box and increases the likelihood consumers will spend more time on Apple TV.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Apple introduced the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus with aerospace-grade materials, a better display and speakers, and super-strong glass exterior reinforced with steel.

The glass back allows the phones to have wireless charging. The iPhone 8 Plus will be $799.

The company also teased AirPower, a wireless charging system to be revealed next year.

The phones feature an A11 Bionic processor. Apple says it’s the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone. It’s between 25 percent and 70 percent faster than the chip used in last year’s iPhones.

The phone also has an Apple-designed graphics processor, the first ever, alongside a new Apple chip, according to Schiller.

New sensors in a dual camera, alongside machine learning, will help these phones take photos and videos with less noise, Schiller said, especially in the Plus model. The phones have 3-D touch technology and new stereo speakers that are 25 percent louder.

iPhone X

Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, demonstrated the iPhone X on Tuesday, touting what CEO Tim Cook called “the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone.”

It will be $999 and will ship on Nov. 3.

As anticipated, the phone features a souped-up display and design and prominently features facial recognition technology. It has what Schiller called a “super retina” display with 2.7 million pixels, the highest resolution in pixel density ever in an iPhone. It has a 1 million-to-one contrast ratio on its 5.8-inch OLED display.

The handset, pronounced “iPhone ten,” has a glass back with pearly finish and comes in space gray and silver. It has 2 hours more battery life and supports wireless charging.

With no home button, the phone wakes up with a tap, and Siri can be activated with a larger side button. To unlock the phone, users can activate Face ID, which identifies users with a one-in-a-million chance of mistakes. (But it’s not immune to glitches, it seems).

Face ID doesn’t work if you’re looking away, but does work with new hairstyles and facial changes, Apple said. The feature works with Apple Pay, and the sensors can animate emojis. The phone also has 3-D touch.


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