BonFire New Facebook App for Videos

In July 2017 Facebook Tested new standalone group video app called Bonfire; with this app you can make video conversation with 8 friends in one conversation and you can also add amazing filters or effects like Instagram and Snapchat apps .



And also we know that app only now released in Denmark in App store only for first phase with 2000 downloaded.



This app will be released to all counties very soon to targeted youth people by many new features.

Here’s what a Facebook spokesperson:

“At Facebook Inc. we continue to build and test new products and services. We already have many great experiences for people to video chat in groups, or as individuals, across the family of apps, including Messenger. We are interested in how everyone uses technology and how we can build great experiences for them. We’re running a very small test in Denmark of an app we call Bonfire. We have nothing further to share at this time.”


Finally; Do you think Facebook involved in New Video App to Totally kill Snapchat?

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