Case Study | Coca-Cola Rocks in The First Week of Ramadan 2013

Coca-Cola is one of the biggest brands in Egypt  and the globe. The company in Egypt has used to launch successful campaigns in the holly month of Ramadan as people tend to talk about brands during Ramadan while watch TV series and their beloved actresses.

Coca-Cola succeeded to win Ramadan in the last 2 years from its main competitor Pepsi and even other brands and industries like mobinil, Etisalat, Vodafone, Beril, Nestle, Universal and other brands…

In 2013, almost all brands in Egypt have postponed their Ramadan campaigns due to the political circumstances. However Coca-Cola found an opportunity in that to start their TVC and win the customers’ mind in the first week with no competition online or offline.


Coca-Cola’s TVC gained + 860K views on YouTube in the first week of Ramadan

Coca-Cola in Ramadan

Coca-Cola on Facebook:

Coca-Cola sponsored the TVC on Facebook to lead traffic to the video on YouTube and gain more Facebook talking about.

We can find the success of the ad by number of shares, likes and comments on the Facebook page. On the other hand Coca-Cola succeed to viral the hashtag #ليه_لآ  on Facebook , we can notice the trend and the number of posts including the hashtag of #ليه_لا

Cocacola ad on Facebook

Finally and the most successful network for the campaign was Twitter

Let’s have a look on the most retweeted tweets related to Coca-Cola ad



Coca-Cola has been mentioned more than 38K tweets with the below trend



Finally we can found the break down of the Tweeps Gender and Locations

Cocacola tweeps

Share with us, do you like Coca-Cola’s commercial ad in Ramadan or not. Stay tuned with more successful campaigns in Egypt.

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