How to build your Facebook Chatbot without coding?

Facebook Chatbot is one of the coming milestone in the Social Media experience; mainly it is going to solve the unlimited number of messages which is going to face any brand on Facebook pages.

As we all know that the main digital metrics is number of sessions, conversion rate, time spent on page, Social Media Engagement rate….etc. but actually all these targets are followed by huge number of users, interactions and  questions.


Digital channels are increasing with huge number of new users who need answers to their questions, need to be guided to their requested page, product or service. This require to hire online customer service representatives; but nowadays it can be solved by creating Chatbot.

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Chatbot is a computer program which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. Such programs are often designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner.


So; once you created your chatbot either in your website or Social networks, you created an online customer service representative who can answer you customers’ inquiries without increase in your headcount. Also it will help you to upsell your product and service online as when your visitor need to search for a specific product your bot can help him with the product link or the way to order.


The Main obstacle to create your Facebook chatbot is coding:

One of the main obstacles to create your Facebook chatbot is coding; you need to develop a well-designed platform which is compatible with all your mapping strategy, flexible enough for any changes, accepting the artificial intelligence and natural language processing rules you need to apply to set a reply for each and every question from the users. Creating such a platform my take a lot of time and investment and doesn’t guarantee that it will deliver the required experience as we are not sure about its flexibility of changes.

Today we have a white label platforms which doesn’t require any coding and very flexible for any changes based on your requirements; you can create your Facebook chatbot with Chatfuel, OnSequel, Manychat and Botsify. Each one of the mentioned bots will give you different features which will help you to do a lot and you have to select which one will fit your business requirements.

Facebook chatbot tools

The main features which you need in your Facebook chatbot:

Mapping: you will have a list of menus and list of replies which take the user in the journey from one block to another till he reaches the answer he is looking for.

Setup AI: Set up key-phrases and the corresponding bot replies. Your bot will understand user phrases similar to those you’ve set up and reply with some text or a block.

Facebook Chatbot


Broadcasting: Broadcast functionality allows to proactively reach out to our audience. Filter the users based on their attributes and send personalized messages.

The persistent Menu: The Persistent Menu is open by default in Messenger and can be minimized at any time.

Acquire users from comments: To convert users from a Facebook page or an ad to the bot. This functionality enables the bot to send an automatic private message to a user who comments on a post on the page. (either all posts or specific post)

Analysis: analysis for the users behavior in the bot including the follow: Number of users per day, Daily New and blocked users, broadcasting daily read and received, user inputs, user inputs not recognized by AI, popular blocks, popular button and popular URLs.


Each tool will have different and much more features which will differ than the others like Integration, sequence, clone, personalizing messages….etc.


Have a look on each tool and select the one which will serve your business needs. And let us know based on your experience what other features you are looking for and missed in the mentioned tools

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