Could The New Facebook Explore Feed be the end of Organic Reach?

Are you ready for the new Facebook Explore feed?

What is the Facebook Explore Feed?

It is a new tab on Facebook. It’s been on the mobile app for while then it will be on Desktop. This tap will let users show their posts from pages and people similar to those you follow; the big trouble will happen when it launched on Desktop.

This October page admins in 6 countries (Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Slovakia, Serbia, Guatemala, and Cambodia) all posts had been moved to the new Explore Feed leaving the main Facebook feed for posts from friends, groups and adverts.

How you be prepared for Facebook Explore Feed?

Before Facebook rolling this tap out worldwide you should consider for a few things:

In June 2017 Facebook invested in Facebook groups. They held their first-ever Communities Summit bringing together hundreds of group admins.

So you can create your own group and link it to your official page and share all your posts their by page name.

Facebook Explore Feed

  • Using personal profiles for business

According to Facebook’s terms, you aren’t permitted to use your profile to represent a business.

However, the last few years. We noticed that business owners have started using their personal Facebook accounts for connecting with people and building their relationships on Facebook but you may delete your profile pic before starting that.

  • Messenger bots

There is a trend in social media marketing towards private communications. We use WhatsApp, Snapchat, Messenger and Skype to chat with friends; that’s why brands are going to reach more users through their private channels.

If you want to know more about Messenger bots and how you create it Read more about How to build your Facebook Chatbot without coding?

Facebook chatbot tools


  • Running Facebook Ads

One of the main challenge we all face is to reach the target audience and how; this is the real edge in Facebook and most of the Social networks that they can deliver our content to the target audiences we need to reach through run ads to the people with the main criteria we are looking for.

After reach become Zero you should use ads day after day.

Be Ready and Don’t wait till you face the new changes with no preparation and start for creating new opportunities from now.

Are you worried about the Facebook Explore feed? Let us know if you have any ideas about facing this change


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