New features are coming to Facebook groups

Facebook groups; the product which all of us thought that Facebook is not going to improve anymore. We noticed that Facebook is improving the user experience of the main platform, messenger, pages… etc. but there is no significant change in the Facebook groups.

On the other hand; Facebook is pushing users & business owners to create pages & leave their Facebook groups by developing in pages insights, tabs, messages… etc. so it was very clear for any business owners to create pages rather than going to Facebook groups.

Today Facebook has introduced five new features to groups which will re-empower the groups’ admins to perform much better.

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Facebook Groups new features:

Welcome post:

One of the good & new benefits which is welcome post to be pinned on the top of the group to welcome the new members, introduce the guidelines & the objectives of the group & may ask members to introduce themselves to the other members.

Badges for admins:

As all the members write posts & comments with their profiles which is not like the pages; this create a relationship between the admins & other members but unfortunately by time and with a big number of members, new members may don’t know the group admins and may not follow the group instructions and rules as they don’t realize who are the admins of it. That’s why Facebook added badges to group admins so they will be known within other members

Member profiles not clickable:

By many mistakes any click on any user profile in the group is directing you to his profile; today if you click on user profile within a group if will give you his interactions within the group & what is common between both of you without direction to his profile.

Facebook Groups

Group chats:

This is a real jump for creating chat rooms for open discussions in the groups. Especially in the high interactive groups the new posts push the old ones downwards. But with the chat rooms you will be able to have open discussions, updates & ongoing chat with the group members.

New control and insights:

Finally; the most important update which is insights & reports. Most admins don’t see any insights about their groups interactions, increase or any other insights which reflected that we can’t measure any success or failure of the group performance but today Facebook will provide us with group insights which will differ a lot with group admins & how they manage it.

Facebook groups insights

So after all the above mentioned changes do you think that the new features will retrieve the groups as one of the most Facebook products & make it much more important & interactive like pages.

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