Facebook Images Size You Should Care About

Before we told you about the different Facebook images sizes you should to know there are 300 million photo upload to Facebook everyday so you should care about Facebook images size to make sure from your message that will send to your audience .

Facebook Images Size can be classified into:

  • Facebook Page Cover :

Your page cover should be display at 828 x 315 pix on the PC.

When you upload a new cover photo check it on another devices (mobile or tablet) to make sure the text and image display good.


  • Video Cover :

Facebook Images Size

In June 2017 pages can use video as their cover photo and can run from 20-90 seconds.

Your video cover should be display at 820 x 312 pix .

You should to make your message in video clear it’s only 90 second and the video will automatically start to play when someone visits your page


  • Facebook Posts :

Facebook Images Size

The perfect size for your image is 1,200 x 630 pix . Again as with the cover you should check it on another devices (mobile or tablet) to make sure that are displaying correctly as well as PC .


  • Facebook Group cover :

For Facebook group cover you should display at 1602 x 500 pix .


  • Facebook Event Cover :

If you are creating event on your Facebook page you should attracting your audience attention so your cover size is 1920 x 1080 pix . It is great to use Canva tool for creating Facebook images.


  • Facebook Ad Image :

Facebook Images Size

Creating Facebook ad on Desktop Newsfeed, Mobile Newsfeed, Right Column, Instagram and Audience Network.  That is mean you should attracting attention by some key

  • 2 or 3 colors and make them strong .
  • Keep the text to a minimum.
  • News Feed image size: 1,200 x 900 pix.
  • Right column image size: 254 x 133 pix.

Finally; we need to highlight that Facebook Images Sizeis not the only pillar that will impact your social media engagement; but it will help alot in delivering your messages in an acceptable design.

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