Top Five Facebook Marketing Mistakes

Most of the Entrepreneurs and startups relying on Social Media in communicating their messages to their audiences and get more subscribers to whatever they are providing.

But actually we noticed many mistakes which can destroy your Digital communication strategy and may be you can see that Social Media is not effective to your product or service.


That’s why we identify the top five common Facebook marketing mistakes :

Facebook Marketing Mistakes

#Not using Facebook ads:

We agree that your online budget will be much more efficient than any other channel however Facebook is minimizing your organic reach which may reach less than 1% of your fan base. So you have to overcome this by spending on Facebook ads. Also you have to set monthly budget plan with clear targets to be sure if you achieve your objectives or you need to change your plan.

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#Not Seeking to Engage your Audiences:

As we all need to get benefits from our marketing and advertising plans; so we always need to hammer on our products or services. But actually on Social Media audiences need to engage with their brands, don’t need to see products, advertising and offers all the time. They need to interact with their brands. That’s why you need to add to your content calendar an engagement posts related to your audiences’ events, holidays or anything which is important to them.

Simply you can know your audiences interests, demographic, behavior from your page insights and this will help you a lot to know what they may be interested in.


#Using Wrong post types:

The most important thing in the post types is that you have to understand that Facebook is segmenting our personal profiles based on our interaction and viewership. So if you interact with photos only (or most of your interactions on photos) then Facebook will segment your profile as photo interactors and it will minimize the reach of any videos, status…etc. to you.

That’s why you have to try different types of posts and analyze which type of posts reach get the most reach and interactions.

This will help you to deliver your messages by the way which is preferred to your audiences.


#Lengthy Content:

Long text in the post not the optimal thing in platform like Facebook and don’t forget that social media is micro blogging sites so you make it by “good length and content’.


#Bland Content:

Don’t repeat the old posts again and if you don’t have new posts hire agency to handle your social media platforms and to make creative posts and designs unless your page will be boring.


These were the most facebook marketing mistakes we noticed but you can share with us what other mistakes from your point of view.

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