How To Maximize Your Facebook Reach?

Facebook Reach is one of the main KPIs which measure the performance of any Social Media specialist; so we need first to know & study well the classification of it.


Facebook Reach mainly classified into three sections:

Facebook Reach

  • Organic Reach: your direct number of fans & followers who see your posts once you post it; Mainly & as officially communicate
    d from Facebook is that your post should reach (2%-16%) from your fan base. However this ratio is changing inversely proportional with the
  • total number of fans; as much as your page fan base increase the organic ratio decrease. Most of the pages with more than 1 million fans their organic reach is less than 1%.
  • Viral Reach: as the organic reach will be delivered to low percentage of the fan base; your fans will interact with share, like or comment on it. Fans’ friends will see their interactions on this post & they may be already fans on your page or not; this is what we called Viral Reach. Facebook cancelled the viral reach & include it in the organic reach to find the post reach classified into paid & organic only.
  • Paid Reach: is very clear that it is based on the amount spent on your ads to reach more people and see your posts


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The Viral Reach is the social media specialist main job as if the content is interactive & good enough it will increase the interactions on the posts; which will definitely increase the viral reach. That’s why we can consider it the main job of the social media specialist as he has to create content good enough to going viral by more interactions.


As Facebook removed the viral reach from the page insights but it added another section in the reach page which is “Reactions, Comments, Shares, and More” which deliver the main interactive pillars which will impact your viral reach

Facebook Reach

Now we are know very well the classification of the Facebook Reach & our main target is to increase it by creating an interactive and good content.

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