Facebook Testing Instagram stories with Facebook

Facebook is trying to integrate its stories feature with its image and video copying Instagram service,to attract users to a service that has not been successful in its application


Facebook stories

Twitter users posted photos of a new Facebook feature that allows Instagram to share the main application of Facebook directly. The feature comes with a new option for Instagram users before sharing their stories, allowing them to share stories on Facebook. On the main Facebook application appears a phrase that shows that the story is shared by Instagram.


An Instagram speaker confirmed to Mashable the new feature test, but did not elaborate on the feature. “We’ve always tried ways to improve the experience on Instagram and make it easier to share any moment with the people who care about you. We currently have no plans to share. “It is uncommon for Instagram to test its advantages with Facebook, and to achieve such a degree of integration, especially since the company’s recent acquisition of the first few years ago has kept the services as separate as possible.

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