How to make the most of QR codes for your business marketing?

QR code ( Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of matrix bar code (or two-dimensional bar code) which is initially designed in Japan fro the automotive industry, now it is widely used outside this industry. QR codes have become common in consumer advertising. Smartphone users can install an app. with a QR-code scanner that can read a displayed code and convert it to a URL directing the smartphone’s browser to the website of a company, store, or product associated with that code providing specific information. QR codes can be very useful in your business marketing. It can be used in:

Restaurants and Cafes

When you give customers their bills, put a branded card with a QR code on it, directing them to a mobile site where they can leave their feedback and download a discount voucher for when they return. You capture their feedback and download a discount voucher for when they return. You capture their data and gain information which could help improve your service, they get an incentiv



Not got enough room in the shop for all of your products? Why not have wall panels in any spate areas, for example the changing rooms, with images of more products and QR codes next to them? These would then allow people to find out more and order the products online. This could mean more sales for you!


Super Markets and Grocers

Want to encourage people to buy more? Try QR codes next products that are part of popular recipes.
The QR codes could take them to an online recipe car that lists other products that are in the recipe that can be bought in store and instruction on how to cook it all.


Hotels and Tourism

Place QR codes on marketing materials that lead to website that links to other websites of things to do places to see within the area. This will give hotel guests and those traveling to new cities a fast and efficient way to discover more. Check through- is wireless interest available near where you’re placing the QR code on your marketing materials? Remember that many people will switch off the internet on their phone when they travel to avoid roaming charges.


Transport and Travel

Use codes on advertising panels in buses, trains, trams and so on that link to websites where people can find out more about the destination they are traveling to and what they can do there, or what about making the QR code go to a game or story that kids can enjoy when traveling? Make travel interactive !


Use QR codes in magazines, newspapers and boos to give reader a more interactive experience. For example, use a QR code in a news story and link it to pictures and videos and encourage them to leave comments on the article.


Use QR codes on workbooks and learning materials to direct students to online resources. For example, they might direct to a website where they can download exam past papers.


Sport and Fitness

Ever visit a gym and wonder what a certain piece of equipment does for you or how it works? QR codes next to gym equipment coil direct users ti videos explaining how to use the equipment and what benefit it brings.


QR codes could be used on marketing materials promoting films, brands and theater shows to all people to see previews and hear songs encouraging them to buy tickets.

The use of QR codes is free of any license. The QR code is clearly defined and published as an ISO standard.


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