IGTV the new Generation of videos

IGTV was just introduced from Instagram; we can’t say that it is a new innovation in videos platforms or creative one but we are sure that it will change the experience of platforms all over the world.


Instagram mentioned that people are watching videos on Digital platforms more than on TV & by 2021 78% of mobile data traffic will go for mobile videos. On another note; the younger audiences are spending much more time to view the amateur video creators more than professionals.


What’s new in IGTV?

  • Mobile first: one of the main points in IGTV and we believe that it will change the future of the mobile videos that it is built for how you are using your mobile as vertical & full screen (which is different than any other camera or application).
  • Curated: IGTV already focus on the accounts or people you follow on Instagram
  • Simple andĀ intuitive: it is very simple and not complicated by any mean as videos starts to play once you open the application and in the same time you can browse more profile and videos
  • Up to one hour long: this is one of the most important fixes in Instagram features without harming its current experience. As Instagram gained more than 800M active users because of the current experience which attract audiences for short videos which length less than a minute; however a lot of content creators need to explore longer videos.

Today; we can say that Instagram is going to compete with YouTube & need to get more content creators and audiences to enjoy the video experience through IGTV other than any platform.


The final thing is the business view; we believe that brand will go for creating & promote their videos on IGTV as the video long will not be a showstopper for any brand to communicate their ads or videos to Instagram audiences.

IGTV now available on IOS and Android

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