Increase Your Facebook Event Attendance

Facebook event is one of the best tools you have to use to gain a lot of attendees & let your event succeed. Simply it helps you to bring your fans & followers life together.

Today we are coming to guide you with some small tips which will help you to increase your event attendees.

1. Optimize for Facebook Event:

After you created your Facebook event you should customize it to ensure maximize visibility. This means considering keywords that users may type into a search bar,

Event photo, name, location, Specific date and time, include the ticket link, add co-host if you have and add detailed description.

Also you have to make sure that you check “kid friendly” or “free admission” if either apply.

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2. Post Updates Regularly:

You should post regularly about your event updates to your main page to gain more engagement and keep people interested in it.

This may also show up in newsfeeds of their friends, increasing the visibility of your event even further.

3. Use Event Hashtags on Instagram & Twitter:

Facebook event hashtags


Communicating your event on other platforms is always good; some brands audiences will be more active and get more


engagement on Twitter or Instagram instead of Facebook.


Many people underestimate how effective hashtags can be when you want to increase attendance, especially for local events. If you have a grand opening you should be sure from using hashtags specific for location like #Riyadh #Cairo #Dubai.

4. Promote the Event with Facebook Ads

When you want to increase your event attendees; one of the best ways to do is to boost the event through Facebook ads

Once your event is created; just find and click “Boost post” near the top of the event page

Facebook event

What do you think? How do you increase your Facebook event attendance? Which strategies have you used? Share your thoughts and knowledge in the comments below!


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