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Lately, most brands started to look up more ways to maximize their reach on Twitter using content which interests their targeted audience, specially that more than 300 million people now use Twitter either to share their daily activities, follow news, celebrities gossips or for keeping up with their studies and work fields.


Hashtag Is The Key:

So, when you look for how to maximize your reach, first thing crosses your mind is where am I standing and what hashtags I should use to follow the trend and reach more of the right audience, and to know so, you should start to look for a tool to help you out and if it’s for free then that’s a plus.


Hashtagify is one of the amazing tools that you can rely on to create effective and relevant hashtags to your business and social media campaigns as well as helping you to reach the maximum limits of your targeted audience.

Hashtagify view

How to use Hashtagify tool like a boss:

First define your business goals and objectives, find out the most common keywords that help you find hashtags and tweets related to the subject, then highlight the hashtags which are relevant to the keywords you have searched for. Hashtagify tool dig deep for you to find out the top influencers how are using the same hashtags, and here are the features that matters:

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What’s Trending?

Once you access the tool, you will find the top trending hashtags per country and worldwide.


Track Hashtag performance:

Nothing is easier than analyzing your campaign hashtag performance through hashtagify.


Measure the influence:

Go extra miles you should keep an eye on your competitors’ influence and dive deep to the tweets that create such influence.


Breakout alerts service:

Like Google keywords alert, but this time with the hashtag. You can search by the hashtag you want to track its tweets to be sent to you, whether using an email account or a specific mail box.


The revenue model of Hashtagify based on a free model and if you are looking for more features you will need to upgrade to pro account.

Time to try it out here and give us a shout back

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