Moments app will not be available any more!

Moments app; a Facebook app which was enabling the users to share their photos and videos together in a private group so they can collapse any outing or gathering photos together in one folder without missing any photo or duplicate in sending.

Moments app is not longer available from now on!

Facebook has decided to remove moments app from our life as it will not be available as users interactions on it were not too much enough to let Facebook keep the app available.

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The app will be removed starting from 25th February 2019; from that date the app will not be live but it will give the users the option to download their photos and videos on their devices or create new Facebook private album on your profile. So no one will view the album unless you change the album privacy settings.

Moments app notification

Moments app is not the only app which is provided from Facebook. It provided us with many applications to serve the user needs like Groups, messenger, Facebook page …etc other than acquiring WhatsApp and Instagram with all its apps like Boomrang, Layout and IGTV, but their main indicator for the success or failure is the user interactions on each app.

What do you think about the action taken by Facebook, Do you think Moments app was adding a good value for us or not

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