What Is Remarketing and How It Works?

Remarketing is not a required topic for Digital marketers but actually it is a common question for all online users. Many of us just browse any online shop or website & then notice that this product or service is following him in many sites & pages.

The most common questions here are that; did they follow me? How did they know I’m browsing here? How do they track my behavior online?

Today we are going to answer all these questions & let you know how the Remarketing works & how to benefits from it in your business.

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What is Remarketing?

A powerful way to reach consumers who have already shown interest in your product by visiting your site; with run targeted ads to those consumers.


How it works?

Simply by connecting your Google analytics with Google AdWords. So you enable Google to view your pages & track your visitors IPs and we can consider those visitors as segment; then you will be easily to run Display ads to this segment at any time for a reasonable frequency.


What are the benefits of Remarketing?

Actually it has a lot of benefits but first you need some user experience analysis to track the user journey on your website & identify the reason behind not finalize the order or the request. For example: some users stopped at the payment method; so they may be don’t have their credit card right now; but when you remind them on another time they will finalize it. Another user may want to see your ad about the cash on delivery option, another may stopped about the available colors of any product, so you need to highlight about new colors if you have.


Remarketing is a very good opportunity to find your potential customers; increase your sales and update your user experience.

Now you can share with us if you already did a remarketing campaigns & how did you get benefits from it for your business

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