Share your live Location on WhatsApp

Share your live location; the new feature which is enabled from WhatsApp to let you share your real-time location with your friends and families.

As we can see that WhatsApp recently is working on the voice of users and enable much more features as possible; starting from WhatsApp for web till today’s new feature

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You can simply select the persons or groups you want to share with them your live location and for how long; on the other hand, you can stop sharing at any time or let the timer expire.


The new service can make your friends and families feel you are safe; also it will be very useful if you are moving and someone is following you. It will be simply to detect your location and follow you.


How “Share your live location” works?

Open the chat with the person or the group you want to share your live location with; under “Location” in the attach button, there is a new option “Share live location”. Choose the time rang you want to share your live location and send. If you are sending your location to a group; all the group members can see your location and if many users share their live location; all locations will be visible on the same map.

Share your live location

Live location is available on iPhone and android; it will be rolling out within the coming weeks

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