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Four steps to manage Social Media Crisis

Social Media Crisis now became a thread which put big brands under stress. Today we are coming to mention how to be ready for your Social Media crisis and how to manage.

Simply we have main four steps to manage your social media crisis without any delay or disturbance in your system and teams.

#1 Be Prepared

Always be prepared for your social media crisis; and by prepared we mean to have a solid process including stakeholders; communication plans & options; elements which will be used to manage this crisis; thw main & the most important thing in your crisis management process is the readiness of activation. Your social media crisis process has to be activated quickly; as every minute on social media will differ a lot and any delay in replying or taking actions is very critical

#2: USE an Early Warning System (Alerts):

Social Media Crisis


You shouldn’t wait till the reason of this crisis going more viral to traditional media. you have to monitor your brand trend online & know the average of your online conversations because once this trend changes you should be ready to manage it before it is booming.
For example: if my brand online conversations is almost 200-300 tweets per day, so when it reached 400 tweets I should pay attention and know the reason behind it & start managing it as quick as possible

#3: Monitor your Brand products separately:

By classifying your brand products & services with different keywords., it will make it simpler to know the hype reason & close monitor on it.
For example: we can classify our services by Customer services, showrooms, maintenance, Sales, prices…etc. In this example we can simply know which topic or product is the main reason of this spike.
Setting up your monitoring tools with your products’ keywords will shortcut your digging process to know the reason behind your crisis.  you will find the reason automatically and you will start to act faster.

#4: Monitor and Respond:

Once you get alerted with the crisis reason and started to manage it. DON’T deny it or ignore your customers; because this drives them to maximize their attack till receiving feedback. Communicate with them & describe your situation by solving their issue or apologize.
 Social Media crisis
Social Media Crisis management can drive your brand image & revenue level up or down; that’s why you need to gain from your crisis or at least don’t lose from it

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