5 ways to stop Social Media Spam from Damaging Your Brand

Social Media is one of the main powerful channels which can improve your business results; however as we all know that Social Media is double-edged weapon. That’s why we are coming today to ALERT you with one of the most important threats that may impact any brand image online which is Social Media Spam.

5 main ways will help you to avoid Social Media Spam:

* Don’t automatically follow people:

Some brands assume that they can build a fan base by following big numbers of users or brands; this may grow up your fans base but definitely will increase the number of spams.
Using free tools like Google Chrome extensions to get bulk from your fans it doesn’t work in some cases but usually damage your brand image.

* Turn off commenting:

If your business has fallen in spam the quick solution step you should take is turn off commenting temporarily (This option can be applied to your whole page or to specific posts)
If you use moderation tools for your management you should back to your provider to know how you can turn off commenting from page fans.

* Block spam accounts:

Once you know your spam accounts block them immediately; may be your fans base will be impacted by few number of spammers but actually you will lose nothing as those spammers have no value to be added to your business however you will gain a lot by losing such spammers from your fans base

Social Media Spam

* Cut down on the hashtag:

8% of Instagram accounts are fake. If you manage Instagram account for your business and use too much hashtags to gain followers; it works but do you will gain the right followers who really interested in your product & will return back to you & your business with real benefits? Unfortunately not.

Social Media Spam


Posts like this on Instagram are great, but spamming the description with too many hashtags can draw attention away from the promotional messages you’re trying to get across.

* Report fake reviews

Social Media Spam


Of course if you have one or two review from fake customers or your competitor & you should report it immediately; but you have to be sure that these are fake accounts not just bad reviews.







These were few steps may help you save your brand image from social media spams; if you have much more advices you can share it with us below in comments

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