Top 5 Free Social Media Monitoring tools

You can’t run your business or deliver messages to your audiences unless you are fully aware with their feedback.


Social Media is a double-edged weapon. It’s not about creating posts & tweets only, it can also impact your brand image negatively if you couldn’t control what people are saying about you, that’s why Social Media monitoring tools is a must.


You have to listen to your customers and competitors to know exactly what people think about your brand and whether you are on the right track or not.

Free Social Media Monitoring tools:


Google Alerts

It is a free Monitoring Tool which will notify you by mails for any search terms that you have already set up with your keywords

Social Media Monitoring tool




Twitter Fall:

Twitter fall is one of the most amazing Free Social Media monitoring tools ever; as you can set up your main keywords with different colors & you can just stream any & every tweet related to your topics or required keywords.

Social Media monitoring tool




To understand how influential you are, Join Klout to discover your influence and compare your performance with others. on the other hand; to know how influential your tweeps are & how they can impact your brand image.

Social Media Monitoring tool





TweetReach has two versions; one is a free trial which will give you the chance to monitor your tweet content in a very detailed analysis about the tweet reach, top interacted, top influencers …etc. The other version with subscription which will be based on your required package.

Social Media Monitoring tool




Hashtagify allows you to monitor the main keywords which is attached to your brand name & hashtags; also you can know How to Maximize your twitter reach with Hashtagify






Actually there are a lot of Social Media monitoring tools some are free & some with subscription but we can consider the above as the top free tools which can help you to listen to your customers online & know what’s exactly they are saying about you.


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