What’s new about iOS 11!

iOS 11 is coming with big changes for all iPhone & iPad users; and the good part is, apple studied all their users complaints & worked on solving it.

iOS 11 for iPhone & iPad

What’s new about iOS 11!

The first issue was that apple users can’t receive files on their iPhones or iPads, but today apple is coming with the new files app that will bring all your files in one place not only this but also you can connect all your files in many devices connecting with iCloud drive, Box & Dropbox

Multitasking is much better; with the new multitasking feature you will be able to open two applications live on your screen, so you can manage to chat, play, work & browse in the same time with no need to switch between the applications.

Adding to the new multitasking feature; you will be able to drag & drop your photos, files & texts from one app to another but we believe that this will be available for iPad users as it requires a large displayiOS 11 control center

Quicktype keyboard; no need to switch your keyboard anymore; all your letters, numbers & symbols will be in your main keyboard & you will just select which character you need to use.

Apple pay friends with a message; iOS 11 will enable you to send or receive money from your friends using your credit or debit cards

Control center will be more customizable; which will enable easy access to your favorite control; using 3D touch to access more controls

No more interruption while driving; it will include a “don’t disturb” option which will keep all your text messages & notification

Adding more features for live photos live Loop or Bounce

Your personal DJ; apple music will memorize your taste; so you can ask Siri to play something you like

Camera will have many filters so you can manage & select the best look for your photos either portrait, skin, classic…etc.; and the good news is that it will be auto compressed so the photos will take almost half its size.

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