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Whatsapp Deleting messages Soon!

Whatsapp Deleting messages is not a new feature that was initiated by Whatsapp team. but actually it is a real issue that users were asking for very long time. all of us send a lot of messages by mistakes & would like to have a recall option but unfortunately this wasn’t available

Today & after very long time; whatsapp finally will enable us Whatsapp Deleting messages.

Whatsapp Deleting messages the new feature that allows users to delete messages even from the receiver, such as Telegram and HyperWhite.

and also wabetainfo , which specialize in monitoring new features in the trial versions of the application, said that the “Delete for Everyone feature is very close”. The server is finally working and is successfully recalling messages.

The new feature will be available for both Android and iOS, so the feature will support deleting messages sent from the notification center on both systems.


Whatsapp Deleting messages

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