Why Brands should use Social Media CRM tools?

Social Media CRM tools; we got many questions about Social Media CRM tools & why big brands are using it. Actually it is not big brands who should use CRM tools but all brands should do because of the main reasons below:


Social Media CRM tools:

  • Basic features: When we have many users or admins manage the same account; so we need some features in order to smoothly handle all incoming & outgoing messages like the below:
    • Assign: if someone is handling a conversation with another admin; I shouldn’t start the conversation from scratch but I can assign it to my colleague & he continues supporting our customer.
    • Categorize & sentiment: each comment; tweet or post should be categorized & sentimentalized in order to know the volume of each positive & negative word of mouth & listen to our fans
    • Templates: as we don’t recommend using templates in Social Media as the human management is much better; however if we use repeated links, videos, replies …etc., it can be saved by the Social Media CRM tool & you can retrieve it back anytime.

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  • Security:Social Media CRM tool is one of the main reasons why we should use Social Media CRM tool; we can get different permissions on Facebook; as it provides different roles with different permissions but unfortunately we only have one twitter, YouTube & Instagram passwords which shouldn’t be shared with all team members. That’s why Social Media CRM tools provide:
    • Separated Login accounts: so we can hire any number of Social Media specialists without sharing our brand passwords & be safe
    • Tracking: as each & every user will have separated account; so we will be able to track each & every post, tweet, comment…etc. & be able to know who created the creative interactions & who created the Social Media crisis J
  • Integration:
    • Social Media CRM tool integration is not necessary but it can facilitate your management performance as you can integrate your internal system; data base or even your knowledge base so you can get all what you need in one platform
  • Reporting:
    • As we mentioned in the security reasons that we will have separated accounts for each & every user; so we can measure the quality of the team replies & also the productivity of each user in terms of response rate & response time; this will be great for the moderation teams which mainly will be centralized in big brands & clients who dedicate a team for the moderation tasks

Social Media CRM tool

  • Segmentation:
    • Fans & users are segmented based on each brand prioritization:
      • Revenue: Some brands love to provide the maximum support to users who generate revenue & this will be only applicable if we integrate the CRM tool with your internal system
      • Influencing: Brands may love to support users who have big influence on others on social network which may be flagged based on Klout score, number of followers or any other criteria which can be flagged by the brand
  • Customization:
    • It doesn’t have a real value for your business but it can be as a kind of branding to set your colors, logo & brand guidelines in your tool, this option is not applicable in all social media CRM tools but it is available at some.

May we succeed to help you in knowing why all brands should use Social Media CRM tool; stay tuned for our analysis about the best social media CRM tools & the best of each tool.

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